We are a regional leader in the marketing, sales and distribution of Food & Beverage, Home & Personal Care Brands to Grocery, Drugstores, Food Service, Speciality Stores, Quick Commerce & eCommerce. With people becoming more health conscious and pursuing healthier lifestyles for themselves and their families, we recognize the demand for better for you products to become available in the region. Our exclusive brands set us apart and our ability to predict market trends is what keeps our customers coming back for more..


We are the sole authorized distributor for Quest Nutrition, Barebells, VOSS, Plenish, Wana, Halo Top, Little moons, &Sisters, One Brands, Rip Van, Celsius, YUMI Nutrition, FeelFit, Yogi Tea, Organix, Nutiva, The Good Crisp, WaterWipes, Original Sprout, Vitamin Well, ATTITUDE.


Dedicated to the health & well being of every household.


To become a key player of better-for-you goods in the Middle East capitalizing on years of successful bonding with our partners..


Passion, Reliability, Innovation & Ethics.

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